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Norsafe Global Service - Lifetime Service Provider

Norsafe has more than 100-years history in the lifeboat industry. Today Norsafe is a recognized world authority, famous for technological development and a high quality, professional approach, we are the global market leader in marine life-saving systems for the merchant and offshore markets.

Norsafe’s strategy is to design and develop high quality products in consulting with wide groups including customers, equipment end users and regulatory authorities.

Norsafe has concentrated efforts to provide an effective service network that meets customer expectations. Norsafe currently has more than 50 authorised service stations worldwide.

Norsafe’s team operates from main service hubs and has a supporting network of service stations providing spare parts, full repair facilities, as well as annual and 5-year inspections, which are mandatory in accordance with SOLAS. As part of Norsafe’s overall service provided to customers, Norsafe offers operation and maintenance training on site, at our service stations or at our main training facility in Norway and Singapore.

Refurbishment of existing equipment is undertaken at our main service hubs in Norway, Greece, China, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

Our goal is to provide operators with the equipment, training and maintenance necessary to maintain safest and reduce costs due to lack of maintenance.